Intentional Job Search

Success Stories

These clients were once job seekers hungry to have an impact, in the hunt for that next role, and finally ready to take control of increasing their earning power and are having great success in their new dream roles.

What IPM is all about ...

At Intentional Product Manager, our programs are ALL built around one thing: RESULTS. While other programs hand you a bunch of information and then leave you on your own, we are different. We hold your hand every step of the way and coach you through the entire process. This is why Intentional Product Manager has better results than any other product management program anywhere in the world.
Every review we are sharing here is 100% verified and authentic. No client is ever paid, rewarded, or compensated in any way for their feedback. To assure total transparency, we use a service called TrustPilot to independently gather our client reviews. TrustPilot does not allow us to remove, edit, or change reviews in any way. What you see is exactly what the client wrote.